Transformation in Mudeford: A Stunning Modern Landscape Project

Sep 26, 2023

 In a recent project located in Mudeford, we had the privilege of reviving a lackluster bungalow garden that left much to be desired. The client had recently moved into a beautifully extended home, but the garden presented a challenge with its dull, uninspiring appearance. The garden gate was inconveniently placed, and an unsightly heat pump unit obstructed the view from the lounge area.

Our solution? We crafted a vision to breathe life into this space. Our team set to work by creating elegant planters that not only added symmetry, a must for our symmetry-loving client, but also utilized treated softwood sleepers for durability. To conceal the unattractive fence and the eyesore heat pump unit, we wrapped them in sleek Western Red Cedar, achieving a contemporary, low-maintenance aesthetic. 

Adding to the charm of the garden, we constructed a pergola at the rear of the property, providing a perfect spot for relaxation. Knowing the client’s passion for plants, we meticulously planted the garden with a balance of structural elements and lush greenery. Notably, we introduced wisteria to climb the pergola, a thoughtful touch that will eventually offer additional shade and a delightful scent, especially when the bifold doors are open.

The end result? A contemporary oasis that exudes tranquility and sophistication. With the addition of new furniture, the garden has undergone a remarkable transformation, making it nearly unrecognizable from its previous state. Explore our Mudeford project to witness the magic of modern landscaping that can turn any space into a haven of serenity.


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